Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free Niche word List

So you want to earn money ? Yes, am i right. Here are the list of top paying niche words. at the end of this article i will give you some tips and tricks to find out top niche words free of cost. I have seen a lost of websites are promising to give you a niche word finder tool of something like which is basically a google dork.
What is niche and how it is usefull to generate online money?
Well , well , well, niche words are the most paying adword in the PPC ( Pay per Click Market). most of these words are always available to you, people are unaware , that this is the word that can bring fortune to them. Firstly , i am going to publish some of them with their value. then i will show you how to find out

1. Business Idea

2. Build a Niche Store
3. Guitar
4. Home MakeOver
5. Bath Room Make Over
6. Reverse Aging
7. Dorks
8. Class 12 Computer Project
9. Earn money Online
These are the some niche words, on whom my websites are running , but still there is a lots of scope to explore.

As i Promised you that i Will Tell you How to find out these niche words free of cost using Google  Google Adwords Keyword Tool This website has a very good article on google Adword tool and also provide some links from where you can check these words.

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